Congratulations to our new KDP Chair Rep. Sannie Overly

Congratulations to our new KDP Chair Rep. Sannie Overly. She is already a great leader for the commonwealth and will be a great leader for the party!

Kick Off of 2016 Session

Today marks the first day of the 2016 Legislative Session and I have already hit the ground running. I anticipate this will be a lively session. Work is underway on one of the most important duties of legislators – passing a two-year budget for the commonwealth. I anticipate this 150th regular session will be quite interesting as we also address many other pressing issues that will require much thought and debate.

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Congratulations to our new KDP Chair Rep. Sannie Overly
Kick Off of 2016 Session

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As the final day of a General Assembly session approaches, the fate of numerous bills typically becomes much clearer.

It’s a stark contrast to the early days of a session, when uncertainty fills the air. When a session opens, no one knows which issues will hit stumbling blocks as they navigate the legislative process. Capitol observers wonder for months whether the bills they follow will end up enshrined in the law books.


FRANKFORT — What should be the state’s spending priorities for the next two fiscal years? Should Kentucky give felons a clearer path to having rights restored after they have fulfilled their sentences? Should public and private partnerships be formed to work together on large projects?



The state Senate received the House’s version of Kentucky’s next 24-month budget during the 11th week of this year’s 60-day session. From my viewpoint, I think the House is on the right track. The nearly $21 billion state budget bill would restore some funding cuts proposed by the governor to many areas of state government and authorize less debt than proposed in the governor’s budget.



FRANKFORT — With hundreds of bills yet to be heard and the budget process still underway, there is much work still to be done in the 2016 Legislative Session. However, important legislation of which I am particularly proud made it to the Governor’s desk and was signed into law today.

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